Babes with Little Liffners
September 06, 2014

 Some of my favorite girls with their Little Liffners. Pernille Teisbeck, Labériane of The Blab and Irina of Portable Package.


Billie's Bag
October 02, 2014

Enjoy Russh Magazine's Editor Billie Iverson fashion week report (and Tote all-Mighty) here.

Brains and Beauty: Helen Frankenthaler
September 15, 2014

July 18, 2014

This Fall Little Liffner will be launched in Tomorrowland's beautiful stores in Japan. Caint wait! This pretty pic is from their new AW15 look book, Furry Friend bag by Little Liffner. 

<3 Hannah Höch
July 09, 2014

Wonderful wonderful wonderful collages by German Dadaist Hannah Höch 

A great little skirt
July 07, 2014



Smart silhouette
June 18, 2014

Love this bold duo of looks from the Celine Resort collection. (pics

Bon Weekend!
July 04, 2014

Love these polaroids by Ezra Petronio.

Start the week in color
June 16, 2014


Paintings and awesome 'wheelchairs' for comfy art watching by Mary Heilmann. Explore more here.

Hot Chicks With Little Liffners
May 25, 2014

From top: Garance with Cognac Power Pouch, Caroline with Tote al Mighty and Irina with Little Brown Bag <3

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