At Little Liffner we are committed to creating timeless, versatile and artisanal accessories that stand for quality and are able to endure the test of time. 

Our sustainability work is an ongoing journey, we stay well informed of the options available to us and continually challenge ourselves to explore further and improve our practices. We strive to consider every touchpoint of our products so that our customer is able to purchase with confidence through an informed and educated choice. We believe in a transparent approach through the origin of materials, to equal rights of artisans working within our family-owned and run factory in Florence, Italy all the way through to the considered transportation of goods.  

Always feel free to contact us if you want to know more about a material, a product or our practices.



We work with a small, family-run factory based outside of Florence in northern Italy. All materials used by Little Liffner are carefully considered, hand selected and locally sourced in Italy.

Currently, 70% of our leathers are certified by Leather Working Group (LWG), an international not-profit membership organisation responsible for the world's premiere leather manufacturing certification. A certificate by LWG includes but is not limited to an audit of energy water usage, waste and chemical management. The remaining 30% of our suppliers are actively pursuing being audited and rated in 2021. All leathers used are by-products from the meat industry.

We favor natural leathers over vegan and synthetic leathers for their natural durability enabling our designs to maintain their signature Little Liffner shape. For the same reason, we favor chrome tanning over vegetable tanned leather which ensure the natural, long-lasting leathers used retain their colour and look over time and wear. 

We practise small-batch, on-demand production allowing Little Liffner to produce only in line with demand, avoiding overproduction at all costs. Any excess leathers are repurposed to make small pockets, labels and straps. All samples used for PR and sales are sold via our annual ‘Archive Sale’.



All packaging used to protect your purchase during transit is 100% recyclable. We have consciously chosen not to offer gift boxes, unnecessary plastic and excessive tissue paper to minimize waste. 

We ship in large batches to wholesalers direct from our factory in Italy. Where possible, we prioritise road over air travel to cut C02 emissions. We invest in carbon neutral shipping partners which means Little Liffner pays an additional rate to our couriers who in turn supports projects that offset the shipment’s transport. As of today, this is complimentary on all domestic and EU shipments. We aim to offer carbon neutral shipping options for all international shipments by the end of 2021.



Your Little Liffner handbag is lovingly handcrafted and designed to last. 

The Italian calf leather has been treated to support its resistance to water and stains. We suggest using a leather conditioner as needed to maintain and preserve the leather’s natural quality. Please stuff the bag when not in use to keep its shape and store in the Little Liffner dust bag provided. We recommend avoiding abrasive surfaces to prevent the bag from developing marks.  

At Little Liffner we are committed to creating timeless, versatile and artisanal accessories that will stand the test of time. We encourage you to care for the products purchased, repair and reuse them for years to come. We are happy to recommend restoration services and also suggest if you do want to give your Little Liffner items a second life to resell your handbag on Vestiaire Collective, the RealReal, your local vintage shop or donate to a friend or charity shop if you no longer have use so that the bag can be loved and used once again.