At Little Liffner we are committed to creating timeless, versatile and quality accessories that stand the test of time.

Our mission to contribute towards a more sustainable future is an ongoing journey. Daily, we explore ways to improve our practices and become more innovative with our resources and technology. Overall, we strive to ensure that our customers are able to make an educated and informed purchase decision through being transparent about our materials, supply chains and business model. 



Our production and supply chain are based near Florence, Northern Italy. All of our creations are made in a small, family-run factory which allows us to locally source and hand select all of our materials.



We favour natural leathers over vegan/synthetic materials, therefore, all of our leathers are by-products of the meat industry. We believe that natural leathers are more sustainable in the long-run due to their increased durability, allowing our designs to maintain their signature Little Liffner shape. For the same reason, we use chrome tanning instead of vegetable tanning in order for the leather to retain its natural color’s and increase the long-term wearability. Our leathers are durable, although we recommend avoiding abrasive surfaces in order to prevent the bag from developing stains or marks.



All packaging used to protect your purchase during transit is 100% recyclable. We have consciously chosen not to offer gift boxes, unnecessary plastic or excessive tissue paper in order to minimize our production of waste. 

We invest in carbon neutral shipping partners. To do this, we pay an additional rate to our couriers who in turn support projects that offset the shipment’s transport emissions. As of today, this is complimentary on all domestic and EU shipments. We aim to offer carbon neutral shipping options for all international shipments by the end of 2021.



Our bags are designed to be loved and worn for years to come. In order to do this, all of our leather materials have been treated to support its resistance to water damage and stains. At home, we suggest using a leather conditioner as needed to maintain and preserve the leather’s natural texture and color. In maintain the structural shape of your Little Liffner bag, we recommend stuffing the bag when not in use and storing within our complimentary dust bag.



Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our materials, products or practices.